Welcome to Extreme Clean Laundry - a new experience in laundry.  Extreme Clean is the most stunningly clean Laundromat on Earth!  We pride ourselves on meticulous cleanliness and have earned quite a reputation because of it.  Extreme Clean is a full service Laundromat with Brand New, Sparkling Stainless Steel machinery of all sizes for Self Washers.  Extreme Clean also handles professional drop off services for Wash/Dry/Fold and Dry Cleaning for both residential and commercial accounts.  There are seating areas for reading or viewing one of 3 wide/flat-screen TVs located throughout the store. There is also vending, gaming as well as drinks and snacks - so enjoy yourself as you clean! 

Extreme Clean Laundry - The Clean Freaks --- 295 Armistice Boulevard, Boulevard Plaza  Pawtucket, RI 02861

(401) 475-1635

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