Extreme Clean Self Service Laundromat -

Extreme Clean offers Swipe Card Technology for your laundry convenience.  No More Wheel barrels full of Quarters Needed!  Our brand new, state of the art machinery can have your quick wash done in 9 Minutes!  Our Super-large machines mean less cost for you per load and less time you'll spend in the Laundromat!  Although you'll have more fun in our store than any other laundromat around...

Wash Dry & Fold Professional Service -

Our Professional Wash-Dry-Fold Service is fast and economical--and we still use the most expensive, high quality detergents, bleach and softener!

We take pride in processing your laundry.  Each piece is checked and spotted for stains.  Once washed, your laundry will be folded and/or hung on hangers.  Yes we will even match your socks!

When you factor in what your time is worth to you, you can save money by using a wash and fold service.  Enjoy your day and let our professionals do your laundry.  We also offer Dry Cleaning drop off for your convenience as well.

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