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If you haven't heard about Extreme Clean Laundry in Pawtucket yet.... where have you been?  This recent article will fill you in ...

High-Tech Laundromat comes to Darlington/Pawtucket!
Extreme Clean Laundry Launches in Boulevard Plaza
(From Mybackyardnews)

PAWTUCKET -- When most people think of Laundromats, ironically, they do not think CLEAN. Most Mats are rundown, dirty and dank. Not a great environment for wanting to relax while cleaning clothes! However, when you walk into the recently launched EXTREME CLEAN LAUNDRY all those thoughts disappear and new words come to mind: stunning, clean, safe, and not to mention cool.

The bright tangerine walls are flanked by wall to wall brand new stainless steel machinery that sparkles under the well lit interior. The machines range from regular wash machines all the way up to four giant 60 Pound Machines that loom in the front. These machines are monsters that are at eye level for some people. The latest technology from these Speed-Queen washers can have that huge 60 pound load of laundry done in 12 minutes. Dryers, which there never seem to be enough of in most Mats, are prominently double stacked throughout the store (front right and all down the left wall). There is even a 75 Pound dryer if you have a few king comforters to dry!

In the front of the store there are two space age, ATM style like monitors that speak to the customer. They literally speak to the customer (in up to 9 languages). These monitors dispense “Swipe-cards”. These are the store Debit cards if you will. The customer gets the store card, swipes it and then adds whatever balance to the card they want (ones on up to twenties). The customer keeps the card and any remaining saved balance. The beauty of the system is there is no need for pounds and pounds of quarters anymore.

Customers love the swipe card technology. Even customers who had been used to coins in the past have become huge proponents of the swipe cards. Technology is about saving time to do other things you would like to do. These cards eliminate customer’s trips to the bank for the old 12 lb. bags of coins as well as eliminate the counting and fumbling of their usage you would have in old fashioned stores.

All machines in the store are fully networked together which also gives Ownership the capability of having Customer Rewards and Bonus added to customer swipe cards.

With the cards a lot of data can be registered.  The customer name, which is important if a customer loses a card the store knows the balance and issues the customer a new card. For customers there is also a register on their card for Bonus Points for every wash they do. These points are compiled and then are used for FREE Washes. Free Bonus dollars are given away every time someone registers their name to their card as well. All this data is stored on the customer card.

With all the technology, you still cannot miss some other pleasing amenities in the store. There are seating areas for reading or viewing one of 3 wide/flat-screen TVs located throughout the store. There is also vending, gaming as well as drinks and snacks. EXTREME CLEAN is also a full service Laundromat that handles drop off services for Wash/Dry/Fold and Dry Cleaning. They handle residential and commercial accounts with a professionally trained staff. The store is always fully staffed and attended during all business hours. Although it seems most new customers are off and running on their own when they come in, there are always friendly attendants there to assist them if needed.

EXTREME CLEAN LAUNDRY is definitely a new experience in laundry. Located on Armistice Boulevard in the Boulevard Plaza Mall, it is a fully serviced Laundromat open from 8am – 8pm everyday.

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